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Our Projects


Properties acquired at a great discount and may or may not need upgrades


Properties that may need medium to significant upgrades and/or repairs, these can also have deferred payments, and/or high vacancy.


These are properties that may only need minor repairs or upgrades.

These Properties ususally need little to no upgrades
Properties in good shape and may need minor upgrades
Require medium to heavy upgrades, and can provide great returns (can be turned into Class B)

How can we help you!

  • We offer our investors a higher rate of return on their investment than what they can achieve with traditional banking.
  • Commercial Multi Family investments are secured by the property and Insured against loss.
  • We are constantly looking for Emerging Markets to invest in and provide you greater returns.
  • We strive to only make conservative investments, therefore minimizing our risks and provide greater piece of mind to our investors
  • Great average annual returns with hold periods of 3 -5 years
  • We only team up with top talent throughout the United States, the best property managers, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, and contractors

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